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Welcome to our Center page! This is our second home and where we become the best versions of ourselves. As our name Three Treasures suggests, our center is where we build up our three treasures of mind, body, and spirit. We are a family here and are invested in each other's growth and development. Our programs are taught by experts in their field and include, but not limited to, martial arts, sports, dance, music, and fitness. Our center is also home to amazing events that bring the community together. 

NOW ENROLLING: for our Three Treasures Basketball League. Our TTBL runs year round is an official feeder program for Mira Mesa High School. We offer two levels: a development league that more relaxed but still emphasizes strong fundamentals and a club team that for more serious players who want to play in high school. Both levels are $150 per season plus fees for uniforms. Club teams will have additional fees for tournaments and travel as needed. Students can also sign up for a Diamond membership that will include basketball. 


Start your journey towards a better you and experience all we have to offer!


Add a second member for 50% off regular price. 


A membership for the whole family to come and enjoy the Center experience!


A membership for our seniors, 55+, for them to enjoy a fun safe place!

Membership Options

Click on a Membership Option to learn more!

Diamond Membership

$88 a month


Like other gym memberships, Diamond members enjoy a cross section of sports, dance, and fitness but also tutoring, music, art, and other clubs.

$150 a month

Modernized Kung Fu training with traditional concepts and values. Good Kung Fu training must train Form, Function, Power, and Philosophy in cohesion. Add extra $25 a month to include Diamond membership programs.


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